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In 2023, the debate around optimal work models has been more intense than ever, with a focus on productivity, innovation, and connection. Are fully remote, in-office, or flexible arrangements the answer, or is there a middle ground?

John Riordan, Chairman at Grow Remote, and Irina Dzhambazova, Head of Marketing at Boundless, have teamed up to debunk myths, sift through the noise, and decode the evolving trends.

During the webinar, we discuss:

  1. Influential Insights: Delve into the year's most impactful reports, articles, and corporate strategies that illuminate the path to optimal employee happiness, productivity, and retention.
  2. Key Shifts of 2023: Uncover the biggest shifts and pivotal moments of the year that are crucial in shaping effective work policies.
  3. Predicting 2024: Learn how to leverage this year's data to forecast the workplace trends of 2024.

Watch now to understand today’s dynamic work model developments and gear up for the innovations and challenges of tomorrow!

Understand today’s dynamic work model developments and gear up for 2024:

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