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Secure & Compliant Global Employment for Enterprises

Expand your global reach seamlessly with our enterprise-grade Employer of Record solution. Ensure ironclad compliance, manage payroll and benefits, access local employment insights, and get on-demand support from experts.

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Comprehensive global employment solutions

Scaling your business globally comes with intricate compliance challenges that you cannot afford to ignore. We empower HR, payroll, and finance leaders to manage global employment, mitigate risks, and build a thriving workforce.

Uncompromised compliance

Protect your enterprise against legal risks with proactive compliance and safeguard your operations by adhering to local labour laws.

Unified workforce management

Centralise every aspect of global hiring from issuing locally compliant employment agreements to handling payroll and benefits administration.

Local expertise at your fingertips

Engage directly with our local experts for tailored consultations on benefits, HR policies, county expansions and more, enabling informed decision-making.

Top-tier global employment support

Ensure premium care for your team, backed by our local compliance expertise, reliable payroll, and responsive support for any queries.
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Guaranteed compliance, no exceptions

Lean on our thorough compliance adherence to seamlessly navigate the complexities of global employment laws and regulations.
In each country we operate in, we fully own our legal entities and corporate infrastructure to ensure we provide compliant employment.
We carefully select our operating model on a country-by-country basis to ensure full compliance with local regulations.
We stay on top of changing laws and regulations and update documentation and practices regularly.
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Precise payroll, delivered globally

Rely on our precise payroll operations to eliminate errors and ensure every team member is paid accurately and on time.
Our robust internal processes and clear pay breakdowns are designed to prevent errors, ensuring a 99.2% annual payroll accuracy.
We take care of tax filings, administer benefits, and facilitate one-time payments to optimise your operational efficiency.
Our expertise makes global payroll seamless and stress-free, even if you have your own legal entity in a country.
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Global intelligence, locally informed

Leverage our niche knowledge, local legal and HR expertise, and custom consultations to understand how things work around the world.
Our country consultations and benefits benchmarks deliver key insights into global employment practices and local requirements.
We provide tailored HR policy consultations, ensuring alignment with local standards.
We offer direct access to local experts, world-class support, and dedicated account management, ready to address any challenge.
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Ironclad security, zero compromise

Secure your sensitive HR data with our robust security measures, designed to offer unwavering protection against data breaches while ensuring total compliance.
Our platform fully adheres to the strict data privacy and security standards set by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Your data is safely stored and managed within our AWS-hosted platform, leveraging Amazon Web Services' advanced security features, regular audits, and 99.9% uptime guarantee.
All data is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols, with strict access controls ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive information.
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Switching EORs has never been easier

We’re in the business of true long-term partnerships founded on trust and transparency. That’s why switching to Boundless is seamless and stress-free.


Outstanding outcomes for your business

Our hands-on approach to customer service is complemented by an intuitive digital platform, where you have easy access to all country and employee information, plus full oversight of your ongoing compliance.

Quality, consistency, and transparency

We are dedicated to quality, consistency, and transparency in our services. Our primary focus is providing a stellar employment experience to you and your employees.

We ensure every interaction, from seamless onboarding to accurate payroll, benefits administration, and swift issue resolution, is handled with utmost clarity and efficiency.

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Grow and manage a distributed global workforce

Our solution supports your workforce from their first day until the last—all within a single, intuitive platform.

Our platform facilitates swift and compliant expansion into new countries, with or without you having a local entity. That, along with our comprehensive local expertise, empowers you to strategically grow your business and manage a distributed global workforce with ease.

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Unparalleled support tailored to your specific needs

Our support options include dedicated account management, a direct line to local HR and legal experts for advice and best practices through comprehensive consultations, and world-class customer support via email and in-app chat.

Our average response time is under an hour, and average resolution time is under a day, with the option for custom SLAs to align with your organisation's requirements.

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Accelerate global growth with unmatched flexibility

Launch operations in new countries instantly, backed by in-depth benchmarks and comprehensive country insights.

Our platform redefines scalability, offering advanced features, including automation workflows and bulk actions, empowering you to enhance operational efficiency, simplify team management and focus on strategic growth.

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“Working with a compliant EOR means I can focus my time and attention on growth rather than day-to-day compliance issues. It’s good to be able to sleep at night knowing that our EOR is doing the right thing. Plus, partnering with Boundless has saved us close to half a million pounds.”
Sam Theobald, Group People Director
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"The speed of responses and the level of clarity made our lives so much easier. Instead of a lot of back-and-forth, I would receive one clear email with everything I needed to know. Working with them has been efficient and overwhelmingly positive."
Darren Forsyth, Finance Manager
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    Discover frequently asked questions

    How does Boundless ensure legal compliance in different countries?

    Boundless ensures legal compliance in each country we operate in by working closely with the best local employment attorneys and advisory bodies and building deep expert knowledge internally. When a potentially sensitive legal or HR issue arises, our internal team works directly with these advisers to resolve it per local laws and procedures. Our partners also help ensure all employment agreements are fully compliant with local regulations, including data protection and work-from-home regulations.

    One of our core values is "compliance is black and white," meaning we are committed to 100% compliance and zero risk at all times, refusing to operate in grey areas. This adherence to strict legal standards ensures both employers and employees have confidence in the legal compliance of their operations.

    What are the associated costs and billing process for using Boundless?

    The costs associated with using Boundless vary based on your unique use case and business needs. Our pricing plans start at 8.4% of total payroll value, which includes the total gross salaries, statutory employer payments, benefits and pension contributions, and any other payments processed via payroll. That fee covers all essentials such as compliant employment, contracts, payroll, taxes and benefits and ongoing support.

    Each pay period, after any necessary adjustments and processing are completed, Boundless issues an invoice for a single amount in your home currency. This invoice provides a full breakdown of the payroll costs, including the fee for using Boundless. As a customer, you pay this amount to Boundless, and we then process your team’s salaries in their own currency. Boundless also takes care of compliantly filing and paying the necessary taxes in the employees' home countries.

    Find more information about our pricing plans here.

    What is the level of support provided by Boundless in case of HR-related issues?

    The primary responsibility for day-to-day HR management that doesn’t necessarily relate to employment will fall within the company. We make it our business to not interfere in the relationship that a company has with their employees. But when it comes to employment, HR and payroll matters for your distributed employees, we are always here to help.

    In the case of delicate or critical matters, such as employee disputes or terminations, we guide you through the process in compliance with local employment laws, sometimes consulting local legal experts to provide the best guidance. This ensures you handle the situation in a way that aligns with regulations and maintains a positive working environment for your team. We also help with regular check-ins for changes in tax or legislative laws that may affect your employee contracts, so you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the complexities of global payroll and employee management.

    What industries does Boundless specialise in and how can it cater to our specific needs?

    Boundless is designed to assist businesses across different sectors and stages of their growth. Our current customer base expands across tech, finance, healthcare, education and other regulated industries, and includes both growing and scaling businesses.

    Our goal is to offer solutions relevant to each of our customers’ needs, considering the size of the business, number of international employees, countries of operation, internal HR team, and other specifics. Our dedicated team of experts will then work with your team to ensure our service matches your vision.

    How does Boundless mitigate risks associated with international employment?

    We have carefully chosen the countries in which we operate, so we have expert knowledge of them. We achieve this by carefully choosing the employment lawyers and advisories we partner with and continuously building on our internal expertise.

    We take great care and responsibility in serving as your Employer of Record and do not take lightly our responsibility to you for your people. We ensure compliance with local taxation, benefits, and employment laws on your behalf, protecting you from any potential legal issues. Additionally, we handle HR-related matters, such as contractual disputes or terminations, ensuring these are dealt with in accordance with local laws.

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