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Discover how Boundless empowers companies to navigate international employment and transforms global hiring with seamless onboarding, robust compliance, and reliable payroll management.

How an EdTech startup doubled international headcount and scaled across six countries

How Code Institute Doubled International Headcount and Scaled Across Six Countries

Partnering with Boundless, Code Institute, has been expanding its operations internationally with transparent global employment that has streamlined hiring and managing a globally distributed workforce.
Mawla case study

Using an Employer of Record to Hire Global Talent and Scale an Agency

Mawla partnered with Boundless to employ senior technical talent around the world. The full-service model offered by Boundless covered all the important details, including HR, compliance and tax.
Image of the logo of Airbotics

How Boundless Enables the Airbotics Founders to Work From Where Home Is

From the inception of Airbotics as a US-incorporated company, founders Robbie Fryers and Andrew Murtagh trust Boundless to take care of their local employment in Portugal and Ireland without any unnecessary admin.
testimonial cloudsoft

Why Cloudsoft Trusts Boundless for Headache-Free Employment in France and Beyond

With Boundless, Cloudsoft has managed to retain two key employees who wanted to relocate to France, one of Europe’s toughest countries to employ in, and is now broadening its hiring horizons.
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