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Shaping what great global employment looks like

Boundless is committed to creating a seamless and secure global employment experience for both employers and employees, ensuring compliance and protecting employee rights, every step of the way.
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Our Values

At the heart of everything we do there are five core values

At Boundless, our mission to simplify the complexities of international employment started in 2019 and continues today with a commitment to excellence. Our core values of integrity, empathy, excellence, curiosity, and innovation drive us to provide unparalleled solutions for global teams.
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Unwavering Integrity
We are courageous leaders, bravely making tough choices when it matters.
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We serve with empathy, upholding ethical responsibilities and putting people first.
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Above and Beyond
We exceed expectations, working together to redefine excellence.
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Relentlessly Curious
We grow through experimentation, overcoming new challenges with optimism and an open mind.
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We push the limits to stay ahead and innovate boundlessly.


Meet the Boundless Leadership Team

Our team is made up of experts across every area of the business, who provide hands-on, personalised support to our customers and their employees.
  • Dee Coakley, CEO and Co-Founder at Boundless

    Dee Coakley

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Emily Castles, CPTO at Boundless

    Emily Castles

    CPTO & Co-Founder

  • Nicola Broom, COO at Boundless

    Nicola Broom

    COO & General Counsel

  • Marco Pasqualin, Head of Payroll at Boundless

    Marco Pasqualin

    Head of Global Payroll

  • Alannah Clarke Horne, Head of Compliance at Boundless

    Alannah Clarke Horne

    Head of Compliance

  • Irina Dhzambazova, Head of Marketing at Boundless

    Irina Dzhambazova

    Head of Marketing

  • Anthony Clery, Head of Sales at Boundless

    Anthony Clery

    Head of Sales

Boundless team posing for a group photo in Rome


Boundless around the world

For us, compliance is absolute. We do not just meet the minimum standards; we ensure complete adherence, consistently providing 100% compliance with zero risk. In each country we operate in, we fully own our legal entities and corporate infrastructure to ensure we consistently meet that promise.
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“Working with a compliant EOR means I can focus my time and attention on growth rather than day-to-day compliance issues. It’s good to be able to sleep at night knowing that our EOR is doing the right thing. Plus, partnering with Boundless has saved us close to half a million pounds.”
Sam Theobald, Group People Director
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"The speed of responses and the level of clarity made our lives so much easier. Instead of a lot of back-and-forth, I would receive one clear email with everything I needed to know. Working with them has been efficient and overwhelmingly positive."
Darren Forsyth, Finance Manager
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    Frequently asked questions

    Why use Boundless instead of employing our remote employees as independent contractors?

    Employing full-time workers as independent contractors is not legal in most countries, and taking this approach will likely mean you are in breach of employment laws. This could result in severe legal and financial penalties for your company.

    Another important factor to consider is that this approach might also impact your company culture and lead to long-term declines in productivity, as your misclassified employees might feel treated unfairly since they will not be receiving the same benefits, rights, and protections as full-time employees do.

    What are the associated costs and billing process for using Boundless?

    The costs associated with using Boundless vary based on your unique use case and business needs. Our pricing plans start at 8.4% of total payroll value, which includes the total gross salaries, statutory employer payments, benefits and pension contributions, and any other payments processed via payroll. That fee covers all essentials such as compliant employment, contracts, payroll, taxes and benefits and ongoing support.

    Each pay period, after any necessary adjustments and processing are completed, Boundless issues an invoice for a single amount in your home currency. This invoice provides a full breakdown of the payroll costs, including the fee for using Boundless. As a customer, you pay this amount to Boundless, and we then process your team’s salaries in their own currency. Boundless also takes care of compliantly filing and paying the necessary taxes in the employees' home countries.

    Find more information about our pricing plans here.

    How does Boundless ensure legal compliance in different countries?

    Boundless ensures legal compliance in each country we operate in by working closely with the best local employment attorneys and advisory bodies and building deep expert knowledge internally. When a potentially sensitive legal or HR issue arises, our internal team works directly with these advisers to resolve it per local laws and procedures. Our partners also help ensure all employment agreements are fully compliant with local regulations, including data protection and work-from-home regulations.

    One of our core values is "compliance is black and white," meaning we are committed to 100% compliance and zero risk at all times, refusing to operate in grey areas. This adherence to strict legal standards ensures both employers and employees have confidence in the legal compliance of their operations.

    What industries does Boundless specialise in and how can it cater to our specific needs?

    Boundless is designed to assist businesses across different sectors and stages of their growth. Our current customer base expands across tech, finance, healthcare, education and other regulated industries, and includes both growing and scaling businesses.

    Our goal is to offer solutions relevant to each of our customers’ needs, considering the size of the business, number of international employees, countries of operation, internal HR team, and other specifics. Our dedicated team of experts will then work with your team to ensure our service matches your vision.

    What countries does Boundless support? 

    Boundless can help you employ your international team compliantly in 25+ countries. In each country we support, we fully own our legal entities and corporate infrastructure to ensure we provide compliant employee contracts, 100% accurate payroll processing & taxes, excellent employee benefits packages, and quick expert HR and payroll support.

    Explore the available countries and associated country guides here.

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