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Boundless was born from a desire to democratise access to secure employment internationally. Our belief is that people should have the freedom to shape their work lives without forfeiting their full employment rights.

Our founders had each struggled to support their remote teams in previous roles and started by looking for ways to offer compliant employment across borders. Quickly, we realised that it's about so much more than not ‘getting into trouble’ and that there was an opportunity to raise the bar and shape what great remote employment looks like.
Currently, our team of 26 people across 10 countries is striving daily to set the gold standard for remote employment in every country that we operate. We are working hard to make that a reality, commanding a rallying call to companies that are changing the way work works.

We're focused on filling the Boundless team with people who 'get it'. People who have experience working remotely themselves or who have tried to solve this problem before. People who enjoy the quality of life that remote working offers, and want to help others do the same.





Financial Accountant

Posted 20th June 2022
Full time

Product Manager

Posted 7th January 2022
Full time
Full time
At Boundless, we celebrate diversity and are promoting an inclusive environment in which our team members from all different backgrounds, ages, genders or sexual orientations feel equally appreciated. In order to achieve this, we are committed to shaping a hiring process that provides everyone with an equal opportunity to get hired.

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