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We master the complexities of global employment by combining intuitive technology with unparalleled local expertise and personalised support, to ensure a seamless employment experience for your team.

How it works

A unified platform for global employment

Our platform streamlines every aspect of international employment, from speedy onboarding and compliant employment agreements to efficient payroll management and benefits administration.

Seamless global onboarding

Whether you want to onboard one or multiple employees across different countries, our platform is designed to optimise your employment experience.

Simply activate your desired country so you can access all necessary employment details and manage contracts with ease. With the support of our HR compliance and payroll teams, navigating the onboarding journey is seamless from start to finish.

Seamless global onboarding

Comprehensive employment contract management

As the legal employer of your team, we ensure your employment contracts are locally compliant. We provide templates and documents vetted by local legal experts and regularly update you on changes to laws and regulations, ensuring ironclad compliance all along.

Our platform enables you to sign the agreements on your end and monitor the signing progress, ensuring a transparent flow.

Comprehensive employment contract management

Efficient payroll and tax processing

Our robust processes guarantee that every aspect of payroll, including salaries, taxes, benefits, and fees, is handled accurately and consistently.

We unify billing in your chosen currency, covering all payroll expenses for that month. In countries where payroll is run differently from a standard 12-month cycle, we adapt to meet these requirements without any additional administrative burden on your team.

Efficient payroll and tax processing

Benchmarked benefits packages

Your employees receive all local statutory benefits, including PTO entitlements, parental leave, job protection, and paid pension and insurance where applicable.

Beyond mandatory benefits, we support a wide range of flexi benefits and non-mandatory perks you can offer, as well as benchmarks from top-tier companies, ensuring you stand out as an employer of choice.

Benchmarked benefits packages

Streamlined termination and offboarding

Ending an employment relationship and offboarding an employee should be handled with care, especially since most countries have strict guidelines on how that should happen and protect against unlawful terminations.

Our team will offer tailored advice on everything you need to consider in each jurisdiction and provide guidance to minimise legal risks and potential damages to your employer brand.

Streamlined termination and offboarding


Explore our global employment platform in action

Considering switching your EOR?

Not happy with your EOR and looking for a new one? We have helped dozens of companies make the switch. Book a call with one of our experts to learn how we ensure a smooth transition.


The benefits of working with an EOR

Boundless ensures your business complies with local laws effortlessly and manages payroll with precision, allowing you to focus on growth and strategic expansions.
Ironclad compliance
Navigate employment laws confidently with our expertise, keeping your business compliant in every jurisdiction while reducing unnecessary administrative burden.
Local expertise, global reach
Access invaluable local expertise, resources, and support, ensuring your international team is employed under the best terms, while you remain on top of new regulations.
Efficient payroll and tax processing
Offload the intricacies of running global payroll every month and managing taxes and social security, ensuring your team is paid accurately and on time, every time.
Accelerated global expansion
Employ in new countries within minutes through our platform, with a simplified billing process and no hidden costs, covering all your employees globally.

New to EOR?

Discover how easy it is to expand globally with Boundless

Employing people across borders is very complex, especially when you're just getting started. An Employer of Record simplifies the process from beginning to end so you can launch your global team quickly and efficiently. Starting is very simple.

Talk to an expert

Dive into the essentials of what an EOR can do for you based on your unique needs and learn how Boundless takes on legal and administrative responsibilities, ensuring compliance with local employment laws.

Understand the basics

Gain a clear understanding of the local employment landscape in your countries of interest, including costs, benefits, and compliance requirements and get tailored advice from our global employment experts.

Launch and grow

Start employing people in new countries in a matter of days and enjoy seamless onboarding of team members, managed payroll, and benefits administration, all while staying fully compliant.


Unmatched employment experience

Our world-class solutions mirror our dedication to your success, ensuring your queries are answered fast, your people are always paid on time, and you always have access to our platform when you need it.
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Employ with Boundless

Explore our best-in-class employment cost calculators, designed to provide you with an extensive breakdown of the true costs associated with employing in each country.
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“Partnering with Boundless rather than building an in-house team that holds the same level of expertise has saved us close to half a million pounds. Even if Next 15 employed a hundred people with Boundless, it would still be a more cost-effective solution than Next 15 building the team and infrastructure entirely themselves.”
— Samantha Theobald, Group People Director
"I looked at a few EOR providers and some of their offers were almost suspiciously low. Having all costs upfront made it much easier for me to budget my expenses and not have any unwanted surprises halfway through an employment contract. I felt fully prepared from the outset. That gave me confidence."
— Dan Malone, CEO

    Discover frequently asked questions

    We have corporate entities set up in some countries, can we still use Boundless?

    Yes, even if you own entities in multiple countries, you can still use Boundless to employ your workers compliantly and run a smooth payroll without burdening your internal HR team. Many companies outsource these responsibilities to third parties to minimise the in-house headcount needed to support these functions and combine these fragmented systems, relationships, and workflows into a single experience. The added benefit of working with Boundless is that you can also add countries where you don't have a local presence and keep all employee data operations in one place.

    Why use Boundless instead of employing our remote employees as independent contractors?

    Employing full-time workers as independent contractors is not legal in most countries, and taking this approach will likely mean you are in breach of employment laws. This could result in severe legal and financial penalties for your company.

    Another important factor to consider is that this approach might also impact your company culture and lead to long-term declines in productivity, as your misclassified employees might feel treated unfairly since they will not be receiving the same benefits, rights, and protections as full-time employees do.

    What are the associated costs and billing process for using Boundless?

    The costs associated with using Boundless vary based on your unique use case and business needs. Our pricing plans start at 8.4% of total payroll value, which includes the total gross salaries, statutory employer payments, benefits and pension contributions, and any other payments processed via payroll. That fee covers all essentials such as compliant employment, contracts, payroll, taxes and benefits and ongoing support.

    Each pay period, after any necessary adjustments and processing are completed, Boundless issues an invoice for a single amount in your home currency. This invoice provides a full breakdown of the payroll costs, including the fee for using Boundless. As a customer, you pay this amount to Boundless, and we then process your team’s salaries in their own currency. Boundless also takes care of compliantly filing and paying the necessary taxes in the employees' home countries.

    Find more information about our pricing plans here.

    How does Boundless ensure legal compliance in different countries?

    Boundless ensures legal compliance in each country we operate in by working closely with the best local employment attorneys and advisory bodies and building deep expert knowledge internally. When a potentially sensitive legal or HR issue arises, our internal team works directly with these advisers to resolve it per local laws and procedures. Our partners also help ensure all employment agreements are fully compliant with local regulations, including data protection and work-from-home regulations.

    One of our core values is "compliance is black and white," meaning we are committed to 100% compliance and zero risk at all times, refusing to operate in grey areas. This adherence to strict legal standards ensures both employers and employees have confidence in the legal compliance of their operations.

    What countries does Boundless support?

    Boundless can help you employ your international team compliantly in 25+ countries. In each country we support, we fully own our legal entities and corporate infrastructure to ensure we provide compliant employee contracts, 100% accurate payroll processing & taxes, excellent employee benefits packages, and quick expert HR and payroll support.

    Explore the available countries and associated country guides here.

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