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overcoming common pitfalls when working with Employers of Record

As remote work and global talent acquisition continue to surge, businesses are increasingly relying on Employer of Record (EOR) solutions to help them navigate the complexities of hiring internationally distributed employees. This rapid growth of the EOR industry has presented unique challenges for companies, such as inefficient customer support, payroll errors, and risky operating procedures.

In this webinar, Dee Coakley, CEO at Boundless shared expert insights on overcoming these challenges, that will empower you to make informed decisions when selecting an EOR provider for your business.

During the webinar, we discuss:

  1. The ins and outs of common EOR challenges – from inefficient support and payroll issues to risky operating models
  2. Proven tactics to predict, recognize, and overcome EOR pitfalls, plus how to ask the right questions to potential providers
  3. The secret sauce to evaluating EOR providers based on their commitment to compliance and in-depth knowledge of country-specific laws

Maximise the benefits of your EOR partnership and ask the right questions for your business:

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