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Watch on-demand: How to successfully implement hybrid work in your organisation

Image of the two hosts Alannah Clarke Horne and John Riordan


Many companies worldwide are considering implementing hybrid work to cater to employees' desire to continue working remotely at least part-time.

While this approach sounds like a good compromise between employers and employees, it can be very tough to get right.

Hybrid work, a sometimes undefined mix of remote and in-person working, is much more complicated than operating with either model exclusively. Challenges vary from coming up with schedules of who comes to the office and when, to the disempowerment of employees who are working remotely and cannot access the same opportunities as in-person employees. 

At a recent webinar, Boundless HR Lead, Alannah Clarke Horne had a firesight chat with John Riordan, Chairman at Grow Remote, where among other things, they discussed:

  • When to consider implementing a hybrid work model
  • Why hybrid work requires a remote-first mentality and how to encourage it in an organisation
  • How to make sure that company policies and communication frameworks are suited for hybrid, remote, and in-person employees

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