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There is no shortage of data and opinions telling us which work model is best - fully remote, fully in office, hybrid with mandated days in the office, hybrid with full flexibility on day in, hybrid with... the list goes on and on.

How are you to make sense of it all, know which sources to trust and which to take with a grain of salt, and, most importantly, how are you to pick one and stick with it?

In this episode of our Hybrid Chats, John and Irina discuss:

  1. A study by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research authored by Nick Bloom, Jose Maria Barrero and Steven J. Davis
  2. An article in Fortune, titled "The forced return to the office is the definition of insanity."
  3. Is your workplace ready for flexible work? A survey by McKinsey offers clues
  4. Here's Why So Many Companies Are Losing Employees Shortly After Onboarding
  5. How Flexible Work Will Give Your Business the Biggest Advantage
  6. Desperate to Get Employees Back Into the Office, Companies Experiment With New Tactics
  7. Small Businesses Are Pioneering the Four-Day Workweek
  8. The hottest new perk in tech is freedom
  9. The Next Crisis Will Start With Empty Office Buildings

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Watch Episode 5: Office Insanity and the 4-Day Workweek — What's Really Happening?

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