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There is no shortage of data and opinions telling us which work model is best - fully remote, fully in office, hybrid with mandated days in the office, hybrid with full flexibility on day in, hybrid with... the list goes on and on.

How are you to make sense of it all, know which sources to trust and which to take with a grain of salt, and, most importantly, how are you to pick one and stick with it?

In this episode of Hybrid Chats, John and Irina delve into:

  1. The Flex Report, revealing a significant link between fully flexible work arrangements and revenue growth
  2. Insights from the Capella Quarterly Report on the gap between hybrid work policies and employee adherence 
  3. The implications of WeWork's bankruptcy on the evolving landscape of office spaces 
  4. The Economist's analysis of "hermit" behavior post-pandemic and its economic impact
  5. Discussions around the evolving role of management in remote work settings from The Economist's Boss Class podcast series

Tune in to unravel these complex topics and gain a nuanced understanding of the dynamics shaping the future of work.

Watch Episode 9: Shaping Success — How Flexibility Drives Revenue in the New Work Era

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