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There is no shortage of data and opinions telling us which work model is best - fully remote, fully in office, hybrid with mandated days in the office, hybrid with full flexibility on day in, hybrid with... the list goes on and on.

How are you to make sense of it all, know which sources to trust and which to take with a grain of salt, and, most importantly, how are you to pick one and stick with it?

In this episode of Hybrid Chats, John and Irina delve into:

  1. Nick Bloom's latest monthly WFH report, underscoring a whopping 5-fold increase in remote work days since 2019
  2. The curious narrative of the five-day office week being declared 'dead', and what the nationwide occupancy rate truly implies
  3. The weighty topic of remote and hybrid work's implications for women, discussing potential disparities in career growth
  4. The contrasting views of Nvidia and Roblox on hybrid work models: Does allowing full remote flexibility really trump a 3-day office mandate?
  5. The danger of echo chambers in today's discourse on remote work, emphasising the need for open dialogue between remote and in-office advocates

Tune in to decipher the maze of these remote realities and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics shaping the future of work.

Watch Episode 8: Remote Work and Echo Chambers — From Office Dynamics to Gender Disparities

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