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Hybrid Chats: A Boundless Video Series

In the ever-evolving world of work models, making the right choice is tough. Let Hybrid Chats be your guide, as we sift through data, debunk myths, and ask the hard questions you need answered.

Episode 8: Remote Work and Echo Chambers — From Office Dynamics to Gender Disparities

Unravel WFH growth, Nvidia vs Roblox's stances, and the echo chambers in hybrid work. John and Irina explore Nick Bloom's insights and the pressing gender debate.

Episode 7: Trusting the Data — Challenging Narratives and Predicting the Future

Can data be trusted? We scrutinise expert views, debunk myths about remote productivity, and discuss groundbreaking predictions for the future of remote work.

Episode 6: WFH Perks and Office Incentives — Where Do You Stand?

The UK's new Flexible Working bill and Slack's report shape the 2023 work landscape. John and Irina analyze how these affect your flexibility options.

Episode 5: Office Insanity and the 4-Day Workweek — What's Really Happening?

From Stanford's latest economic policy research to Fortune's bold claims, explore the clashing perspectives on ideal work models. How do they impact your choices?

Episode 4: The Remote Work Paradox — Productivity, Substance Abuse, and Managerial Fear

John and Irina debate the true benefits of WFH according to Nick Bloom and how companies are incentivizing office returns. Make your stand.

Episode 3: Office Resistance and the WFH Health Myth — A Reality Check

Is the rush to get back to the office insane? What's behind the 4-day workweek trend? John and Irina unpack these questions with Fortune and Stanford research.

Episode 2: Sifting Through the Data Maze — What the Experts Say About Hybrid Work

Explore the contradictions of remote work, from declining productivity to substance abuse issues, and why some managers are skeptical. Insights from LinkedIn and Nick Bloom.

Episode 1: The Great Hybrid Work Debate — Flexibility or Mandates?

Dive into why employees resist office returns and the surprising health impacts of WFH. John and Irina bust popular myths and discuss surprising research.

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