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Employment cost calculator in Netherlands

Employee Cost in The Netherlands

Thinking of employing someone in The Netherlands? As with every other country, certain costs are associated with employing a worker that come on top of the gross salary that you are offering. For The Netherlands, those include National insurance premium, employee insurance and Healthcare insurance.

Employee take-home pay in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, employees pay several taxes, which are deducted from their gross salary by their employers. The amount of income tax that the employee contributes depends on the amount of income that they earn. All employees also make contributions to the national insurance premium and the Dutch health insurance.

Netherlands Employee Cost and Take-home Pay Calculator

Use our interactive employment cost calculator to see the total salary costs in the Netherlands outlined in the sections above. You can also get a detailed employee cost breakdown in pdf (like this one but with actual data), which will show the take-home pay that employees will get.

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