For Employees

Work from wherever you call home.

Boundless allows you to legally work for any company around the world and retain all the employment benefits and rights in your country

Work from wherever you call home
Enjoy all the employee rights granted in your country
Easily avail of benefits such as healthcare and pensions in your country.
No invoicing, finding an accountant or risk paying additional taxes.

How it works

How Boundless makes sure you get full employment

You are co-employed by us and your employer.

Boundless is a legal entity in your country, so you are compliantly employed

Manage your details through our app, which you have lifelong access to.

Boundless pays your salary and handles your taxes and returns

Get your company on board with compliant remote work

Boundless can help you and your company setup international compliant work practices. This means we'll work with your company to setup a global employment solution that benefits everyone.

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Employment vs. Contracting

Work as an independent contractor

While independent contracting is a common practice when being internationally remote, it puts you at a disadvantaged position when it comes to your employment status.

  1. Lack of protections

    Independent contractors lack most of the statutory rights and protections that are extended to employees.

  2. Pay disparity

    Employment laws regulate minimum pay and cadence of payment, however they do not cover independent contractors.

  3. Less paid time off

    Independent contractors do not get time off or public holidays paid, while employees are granted those by law.

  4. No sick leave pay

    In case of short or long term sick leave, independent contractors do not get any coverage, while employees in most countries do.

  5. Fewer perks and benefits

    Benefits such as parent leave, bike to work schemes, and private health insurance are impossible to offer to independent contractors.

  6. Non-compliance risks

    Independent contractors should have multiple clients and if they do not, they may be subject to non-compliance penalties.

  7. No coverage for office setup

    Independent contractors will need to cover expenses for a proper office setup or a desk at a co-working space.

  8. Second class citizen feeling

    All these inequalities will leave you feeling like a second class citizen, which will inevitably build up.

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We are currently active in 18 countries, with more on the way.

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