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Remote work in Romania

Working from Home Policy in Romania

All the Labour Code regulations apply to teleworkers and remote workers as well as to other employees.

The parties’ teleworking (working from home) agreement specifying the working conditions must be in writing.

Work from home

A teleworker is an employee working from any location other than the designated workplace for at least one day per month.

The employment contract has (1) to specify whether the employee works in teleworking conditions and (2) to contain specific teleworking clauses if that’s the case, such as the following:

  • Place/places from which the employee performs the teleworking activity (not mandatory but beneficial from the work health and safety perspective)
  • Number of days the employee works from home and/or number of days the employee works from the designated workplace due to listed reasons
  • Employer’s ability to check the employee’s work routine and progress
  • Employer’s ability to inspect the teleworking space
  • Employee’s ability to track worked hours, etc.

Both parties have to approve the teleworking activity and conditions. The employee’s refusal to perform an activity from the workplace cannot be a reason for dismissal or a disciplinary action.

A teleworker has the same rights and obligations as any other employee.

Working conditions

Employers have the obligation (1) to secure (at their own expense and by means of technical and organizational measures), adjust, and establish particular working conditions, workplaces, and sheltered working sites and (2) to train or instruct such employees in order to increase their professional qualifications.

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