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Remote work in Norway

Working from Home Policy in Norway

Remote work, or telework, is carried out fully or partially outside the company’s premises — either from home or remotely — and can be set up individually between the employer and the employee.
Employees who perform work in their own homes will be covered by a specific regulation (No.: “hjemmekontorforskriften”).

Work from home

Remote work covered by the regulations requires a written agreement. The regulations state the minimum requirements for the conditions that the agreement must contain; however, except for the working hours limits in the Working Environment Act, the parties are relatively free to agree on the detailed material content of working from home, such as scope, right of change and termination, property rights, and costs for equipment, etc.

Health & safety at home

To ensure that the employee’s safety, health, and welfare are taken care of, the employer must, as far as practically possible, ensure that working conditions are fully justifiable. This means, among other things, that the workplace, work equipment, and indoor environment don’t cause unfortunate physical strain and that the psychosocial work environment is taken care of. The employer has, however, no right to inspect the employee’s home.

Working conditions

Employees working from home must enjoy the same individual and collective rights as all employees, including access to training, respect of their private lives, health and safety at work, and access to the company’s social activities, union information, and social benefits.
The 40 working hours per week must also be respected, as well as daily and weekly resting hours and overtime worked (the latter at the employer’s request only), with the Working Environment Act’s rules on working hours equally applying to remote work.

Workspace guidelines in Norway

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