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Payment in Norway

General Employee Pay Regulations in Norway

Minimum wage

In general, there are no minimum wages in Norway. Minimum wages are defined in collective agreements, but most smaller businesses aren’t subject to collective agreements.
Certain business areas are, however, subject to minimum wages:
  • building/construction
  • ships and ship building
  • agriculture
  • transportation of goods on land
  • transport of people by bus or car
  • hotel/restaurant/catering
  • cleaning
  • fish industry
  • installation/maintenance work on electricity facilities


Salaries must be paid at least twice a month unless another agreement is reached. For example, it’s common practice to pay salary once a month.


There is no fixed date; however, commonly, employees are paid in arrears on approximately the 20th of each month.

Payment requirements

It isn’t mandatory to make payments to employees from a local bank account.
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