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Local employment solution in Norway

How Boundless Employs Your Workers in Norway

Unlike in most other countries, where we use an Employer of Record model or a temp agency licence, in Norway, we directly employ your workers using our local entity. The mechanics involve a two-party arrangement between the worker and Boundless, in which we outline that they will be providing service to you as our client.  
For us to be able to do this, the work itself needs to be of temporary nature and be tied to a specific project. That project will need to be specified very clearly, outlining its duration and end date, as well as the tasks, goals and objectives involved. Once the project is completed, the employee cannot be transferred on to another project in the company.
We take legal responsibility for the workers, calculating and paying social security and health insurance contributions, running their payroll, filing taxes, etc.
Employing through Boundless is possible for a maximum of four years but the actual duration of the contract will be determined by the project’s duration. In that time, the employee has access to full statutory employment rights, including paid time off and other forms of paid leave, access to unemployment benefits, and a host of protections.

What Boundless does for you

We establish and maintain the legal employment relationship with the worker. At the start, we work with you to assess if the job description is suitable for the requirements of the model and if it is, we will help you define the scope of the project and identify the key goals and give you an estimated time period. Once we have figured out the project duration, we sign a fixed-term employment agreement with the worker for the project’s duration, which cannot be longer than four years.
We then register the employee to all relevant authorities and set up their work accident insurance policy.
Every month we calculate the payroll, deduct all mandatory contributions such as the insurance premium, and provide the worker with a payslip.
We file all necessary taxes and pay mandatory contributions to respective authorities.

What you do

You sign our standard commercial agreement that we use for most of the countries we are in, which you can end with one month\\\'s notice.
You define the work as a project and work with us on its description so that it suffices the expectation of authorities.

What the Employee does

The employee signs an employment contract with Boundless via Juro before the start of the employment.
If an employee wants to end their employment before the fixed term contract expires, they will need to send us the resignation letter, stating their resignation and last working day.
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