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Benefits in New Zealand

Mandatory Employee Benefits in New Zealand


KiwiSaver is a voluntary savings scheme available to every new employee between the ages of 18 and 65. Its purpose is to help set employees up for retirement. The default employee contribution rate is 3% and can be extended to 10%. In addition, the employer also contributes 3%. Employees are automatically enrolled and can opt-out within the first eight weeks after joining the company if they so wish.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Employers must cover all employees with accident insurance in the workplace for all work and non work-related injuries. Coverage is around 0.72-1% of the employer’s monthly payroll.

Non-Mandatory Employee Benefits in New Zealand

Most common non-mandatory benefits in New Zealand. offer to employees. Many tech startups in New Zealand let employees get an extra paid day off on their birthday.

Flexible working

A flexible work environment might mean a physically flexible workspace or alternate location, or it might refer to employees’ ability to apply flexible working practices to their roles. Most tech companies give employees the options to work from home for a better work-life balance.

Employee assistance program

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are free and confidential counselling and support services for employees. Employees are provided with practical assistance whenever personal or work issues arise that may impact any area of life or wellbeing. The counselling may be specific or general, for example, budgeting assistance or CV writing skills. Organisations often offer EAP to their employees as part of their more comprehensive health and safety program or as part of initiatives for improved diversity and inclusion.

Career Development

Many companies offer assistance in developing employee career paths. This may include internal and external professional training to ensure employees stay up to date, progress in their career and grow in an organisation.


Companies may offer a range of different options to assist with the wellbeing of their employees. Things could include EAP, flexible working arrangements, fruits and snacks and discounts on gym memberships and health insurance policies.


Most tech companies give new employees new laptops and ergonomic setups when joining the company.

Health insurance

New Zealand has a free public healthcare system. Some employers may offer Private Health Insurance to their staff, usually limited to senior roles.

Stock options

Share options are commonly offered by tech employers who want to encourage staff participation in a company shared ownership.

Additional parental leave

Some organisations provide employees with extended paid parental leave. This extension needs to be agreed between the employee and employer.

Additional holiday

Some companies let employees take unpaid leave for extended holidays while some offer unlimited paid time off.

Charity work leave

Some companies encourage charity work by offering time for it as a paid leave.

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