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Employment Conditions in Denmark

Terms & Conditions of Employment in Denmark

Probation period

There's no statutory probation period in Denmark. Typically employers include a three month probation period with a 14 days notice.

Business Transfer

Employees have the right to be informed and, to some extent, consulted by their employers in cases of business transfer. The employees are normally obliged to accept the change of employer, provided that the change of ownership does not result in a detrimental change in the conditions of employment.

When the business transfer occurs, the employee and their employment contract are automatically transferred to the new business owner, with all the rights and obligations under the contract prevailing. If the new business is part of collective agreements, but the employee doesn't want to become part of it, they must notify the relevant trade union within certain time limits.

A business transfer is not a valid reason for dismissing employees, but employees can be dismissed in case of economic, technical or organizational reasons due to changes in the workforce

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