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Talent in Brazil

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Talent Hubs

Brazil's tech industry is flourishing, with major tech hubs situated in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte

São Paulo

  • The number of citizens: 22,620,000
  • The number of tech talents: 350k in Software and Tech industry 
  • Tech Talent Education: University of São Paulo (USP), Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)
  • Global companies with local offices: Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Intel, Uber, Netflix
  • Local Tech Companies & Unicorns: Nubank, C6 Bank, Creditas, Nuvemshop, Wildlife Studios, Loft, Unico, CloudWalk, Loggi, Dock, Neon, Movile, CargoX.

São Paulo, Brazil's tech nerve center, hosts 75% of the nation's unicorns. Renowned firms like Sequoia, Flybridge, and others have established their Latin American operations here.  Global leaders like Netflix also manage their entire Latin American sector from this tech-centric city, which ranks 16th globally in tech business, housing 63% of Brazil's businesses.

Belo Horizonte

  • The number of citizens: 6,248,000
  • The number of tech talents: 80k in Software and Tech industry 
  • Tech companies with local offices: Google, ThoughtWorks, Sympla

Belo Horizonte is Brazil's burgeoning tech hub with a dynamic workforce and generous incentives such as tax breaks and grants. It hosts several universities and tech schools, producing up-to-date tech professionals.  Among the notable presences is Google, with a $200 million investment in the city and a plan to double its staff from 200 to 400 next year.

Talent Market Structure

Top three professions to hire in Brazil:

  • Software Development Roles: pool of 500k talent
  • Sales & Marketing Roles: pool of 1M+ talent
  • Product Management Roles: pool of 60k talent

Top programming languages in Brazil

  1. JavaScript (JS, Node, React)
  2. HTML/CSS 
  3. SQL
  4. Java
  5. Python
  6. C#
  7. PHP

Tech Talent Classification & Compensation

Annual Compensation Range: 

  • L1: $40-50K USD
  • L2: $50-60k USD
  • L3: $60-80k USD
  • L4: $80-100k USD

Talent Acquisition

Job Search Platforms: In addition to internationally recognized job search websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed, Brazil also hosts a number of local platforms that are widely used for talent sourcing. Among these, Catho, InfoJobs, and Gupy are particularly notable.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment: is a highly-regarded recruitment organization within LatAm. In addition to their recruitment services, they also maintain a robust talent marketplace populated with verified professionals in the fields of technology, marketing, and product management.

Interviewing Process: Initial interviews can sometimes be more informal in nature, setting the stage for a conversational tone. Brazilians value meetings and personal relationships, so the interview process may also include meetings with various team members to foster rapport. Questions about your personal life and hobbies are welcome and can help evaluate cultural fit.

Interview Behavior: Brazilians often value friendliness and expressiveness during interviews. Punctuality is crucial, although it's worth noting that time perception can sometimes be more “relaxed” in Brazil compared to some other cultures.Negotiation: Salary negotiations are a standard part of the hiring process. It's expected for candidates to discuss their compensation package and benefits during the latter stages of the interview process.

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