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Independent Contracting in Brazil

Independent Contractors & Employment Guidelines in Brazil

Contract length allowance

There is no prohibition on the use of genuine independent contractors. However, if the elements listed under what makes someone an employee are present in the relationship, employers can receive hefty fines and the contractor is reclassified as an employee.

Fixed-term contract limitation

Fixed-term contracts are allowed for only those services whose nature justifies the predetermination of the term, never exceeding two years. The contract can be extended for one additional term of up to two years. Further renewal would result in the contract becoming effective for an indefinite term.

What makes someone an employee

In Brazil, the principle of “Prevalence of Facts” is applicable when analysing whether someone is an employee. That means that facts and actions prevail over any documents executed by the employer and employee/contractor.
The following characteristics mark an employer and employee relationship:
  • subordination
  • rendering services to the company permanently
  • dependency on the company for remuneration
  • inability to appoint other professionals to assist or to provide the service (The employee must carry out the job.)
  • lack of power to decide how the work is done and what the work hours are

Employee vs contractor

Employers deduct employees’ social contributions to pay them to the government, while contractors have to be in charge of the deductions themselves. The number of contributions of either an employee or a contractor is the same.
Employers have no obligation to give benefits to contractors but are obliged to provide employees with FGTS (severance fund), 30 days of paid annual vacation, a one-third premium on the vacation pay, a 13th-month salary, a transportation voucher, and overtime pay.
When it comes to termination, employees get a minimum of 30 days notice plus three work days per year. This can be paid in lieu. Contractors get 8 or 4 days' notice depending on the frequency with which they are paid for their services; however, their contracts can provide a longer term, with 30 days being the usual notice period. Moreover, employees are entitled to severance pay, pay for unused vacation, and a vested fraction of their 13th-month salary, while contractors aren’t entitled to any of these benefits.

Penalties for Employee Misclassification in Brazil

Penalties for misclassification are very common since employees can file labour claims free of charge. If the Ministry of Labour rules that an employee has been misclassified, the company may be fined BRL 400,000 per employee, with the fine doubling in case of a relapse.
Moreover, the Federal Tax Revenue may force employers to back pay for all the statutory rights that the employee hasn’t received over the years of service, with an interest penalty ranging between 75% and 225%.
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