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In every country boundless takes care of every detail of global employment.

Here’s what we do for every single country:

Task estimated time:

Set Up Operations

  • Research incorporation options, corporate structures, and corporate responsibilities
  • Understand requirements for being allowed to employ locally
  • Figure out what documents you need to sign, and what documents you need to provide
  • Find a trusted, experienced local legal advisor
  • Source accountants and payroll partners
  • You may need a reliable notary service
  • Work with benefit providers to develop benefit packages
  • Will you need to have a local bank account or whether an online payments platform would be sufficient?
  • Are you required to maintain a minimum balance on your bank account?
  • What restrictions are there on moving money into / out of the country?
  • What is the Anti Money Laundering process for opening a bank account?
  • Figure out if the director needs to be a local resident
  • Figure out if the company secretary needs to be a local resident
  • Figure out if employer pension contributions are mandatory
  • Figure out if workers' compensation insurance is mandatory
  • Figure out if you need a physical office
  • Register an entity
  • Register as an employer
  • Sign up for employer insurance
  • Register for employer taxes
  • Register with all appropriate tax authorities
  • Come across and navigate much more red tape when setting up operations than you suspected
  • Come across and navigate a few extra stumbling blocks due to Covid-19
  • Find a virtual office
  • Find a local director when you need one
  • Print, sign, notarise, apostle and ship all necessary documents
  • Repeat all that if there is a mistake in any of the documents (there will be)
  • Provide all documentation for Anti Money Laundering records
  • Secure approval to move forward with opening a bank account following Anti Money Laundering review
  • Submit Anti Money Laundering docs to bank
  • Make a bank holidays calendar
  • Keep updated with all legislative changes

Run Payroll

  • Figure out local pay periods and pay dates
  • Collect employee bank account, address, tax codes
  • Collect every change that has an impact on the monthly payroll - absences, extra payments, benefits in kind, termination, etc.
  • Ensure all mandatory monthly and annual declarations are filed to the authorities
  • Process payroll to every employee on time and correct
  • Answer every single query coming from any employee

Extend Benefits

  • Find local benefit providers
  • Tell vendors when you have a new employee enrolling in the benefit scheme
  • Communicate changes of benefit benefactors to payroll partners
  • Pay benefit vendor
  • Reconcile payment against payroll deductions if benefit is paid through a salary sacrifice
  • Reconcile payment against payroll deductions if benefit is paid through employer contribution or offset

File Taxes

  • Figure out any existing tax exemptions
  • Figure out if you need to register for sales tax
  • Figure out if you need to register for VAT
  • Figure out the setup process for online handling of submissions to the tax authorities
  • Figure out all Work from Home tax allowances and breaks
  • File taxes monthly and annually with the help of your accountant
  • Pay the accountant
  • Submit Year End declarations

Employ People

  • Ask lawyers to send you a sample local agreement
  • Understand local employee rights
  • Understand statutory benefits
  • Understand employer obligations
  • Figure out what the local identification number is that you need to be asking for
  • Study closely what the local rules around terminations are
  • Figure out local regulations for gathering, managing and storing employee personal data
  • Figure out the definition of a safe workplace
  • Understand what your obligations are in providing a safe workplace
  • Find out all Work from Home regulations
  • Figure out how to verify identity and right to work
  • Find out if eye-testing is statutory
  • Find multilingual support for bilingual contracts
  • Figure out your legal obligations
  • Create compliant employment contracts
  • Get legal council on your employment contracts to make sure you are not breaching any laws
  • Set up contracts up in digital tool
  • Send contracts out for signing
  • Answer contract-related queries from employees
  • Make contract-related amendments
  • Gather all necessary employee data
  • Check all data for accuracy
  • Create a locally compliant termination policy and share it with employees
  • Follow the local termination procedure to avoid any unfair dismissal claims
  • Pay out any severance in case of termination
  • Communicate terminations to local authorities and benefits providers
  • Ensure people have an ergonomic set up
  • Cover the cost for glasses if employees need them
  • Produce a handbook

Pay Authorities and Service Providers

  • Evaluate whether you should have a retainer with your lawyer
  • Get legal counsel on how to approach sending funds to your entity
  • Get pricing agreements for sending funds
  • Find a decent platform to exchange your currency at the best rate
  • Find out what the deadlines for each authority in each country is
  • Send money from your HQ to the local entity
  • Pay your accountant
  • Pay your lawyer
  • Pay the fees of your virtual office
  • Pay sales tax
  • Pay all governmental authorities
  • Ensure international transfers are sent well in advance in order to arrive on time
  • Ensure all authorities are paid on time
  • Ensure 3rd parties are paid on time

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