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There is no shortage of data and opinions telling us which work model is best - fully remote, fully in office, hybrid with mandated days in the office, hybrid with full flexibility on day in, hybrid with... the list goes on and on.

How are you to make sense of it all, know which sources to trust and which to take with a grain of salt, and, most importantly, how are you to pick one and stick with it?

We have teamed up with John Riordan, Chairman of Grow Remote, to sift through all the data and opinions, ask some tough questions and bust some myths that we hope will help guide you.

In this episode of our Hybrid Chats, we introduce the series and discuss:

  1. The WFH Research from March 2023
  2. Why Chief executives David Solomon (Goldman Sachs), James Gorman (Morgan Stanley) and Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan) never fully embraced remote work
  3. Remote workers are working more weekend hours
  4. Andy Jassy's memo to Amazon employees

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Watch Episode 1: The Great Hybrid Work Debate — Flexibility or Mandates?

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