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There is no shortage of data and opinions telling us which work model is best - fully remote, fully in office, hybrid with mandated days in the office, hybrid with full flexibility on day in, hybrid with... the list goes on and on.

How are you to make sense of it all, know which sources to trust and which to take with a grain of salt, and, most importantly, how are you to pick one and stick with it?

In this episode of Hybrid Chats, John and Irina delve into:

  1. Australian Financial Review's insights on the impact of RTO mandates on performance and employee satisfaction, proposing thresholds for hybrid work eligibility based on tenure and experience
  2. LinkedIn’s data revealing the mismatch between employee preferences for work locations and the available job supply, highlighting the demand for remote roles and the challenge of aligning corporate policies with employee desires
  3. Cal Newport's analysis in the Atlantic on how hybrid work could increase administrative overhead, with strategies for minimizing distractions and enhancing productivity
  4. McKinsey's latest findings on implementing effective hybrid work models, focusing on the success factors like clear working practices, role clarity, and the importance of a supportive culture
  5. The unexpected benefits of remote work, as discussed in The Guardian, including healthier eating habits, reduced home burglaries, and shifts in economic activity to the suburbs

Tune in for a deeper understanding of the nuances and strategies crucial for crafting equitable and effective work environments.

Watch Episode 11: Thresholds of Flexibility — Creating Equitable Hybrid Work Environments

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