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The employment platform for your international team.

Compliantly employ your remote people, and get set up to handle payroll & tax filings, in minutes.

Currently supporting locally compliant employment, through Boundless-owned entities, in:

UK &

Why Boundless?

We take the hard work out of remote people ops.

The platform

Boundless is built by people ops professionals...

...for people ops professionals.

Employ your remote team in minutes, not months.

Reduce the time and effort involved in compliant international employment, and focus on creating a great employee experience.

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Stability & security
for your team.

Your international workers get full employment rights, and the benefit of local employment taxes. Easily convert your international contractors to compliant employees.

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Run multi-country payroll for your international employees.

Secure international payroll and compliant local tax filings. Boundless ensures that employees and local tax authorities are paid the right amount, on time, every time.

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How it works

Boundless operates an EoR (Employer of Record) model.

As a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), we take care of remote employment operations so you don't have to.

  1. Tell us who you want to employ, where they are, and basic terms of their employment.

  2. You focus on building a great team, growing a successful business, and serving happy customers.

  3. We take care of the rest: processing payroll, filing taxes, paying salaries, and managing HR compliance.


  • What is Boundless and how does it work?

    Boundless makes it easy for companies to grow their internationally remote team. We do this by employing people on your behalf, being the local “employer of record” for the individual.

  • What does “Employer of Record” mean?

    It means that Boundless is the legal employer of the individual, as far as their government, tax, and employment authorities are concerned.

    We are responsible for:

    • ensuring their employment is compliant with local employment laws
    • processing local payroll
    • filing employment related taxes and returns
    • issuing payslips to the employee
    • distributing salary payments

    Our customers are responsible for:

    • managing the employee’s day-to-day work load
    • contributing to the personal / professional development of the employee through their work
    • following any guidance we give on employment and HR best practices or legal obligations in the employees home country
    • ensuring that payroll bills relating to their co-employed team are paid to Boundless before the cut-off point in each cycle.
    • Boundless is a legal employer of record for growing companies with international workers, in a number of countries.
  • How much does it cost?

    Boundless charges 5% of total monthly processed payroll. That is:

    • Total gross salary payment
    • Total employer / tax related contributions / payments (depending on jurisdiction)
    • Total pension contributions
    • Any other benefits payments or additional payments/contributions processed through payroll
    • Reimbursements for expenses incurred by employees is not included, and is not taken into account when calculating the monthly cost.
  • We have corporate entities set up in a number of countries, can we still use Boundless?

    Yes, even if you have set up your own entities, you still have to process payroll, and ensure compliance with employment law, for each country you have remote workers in. Many companies will outsource these processes/responsibilities to third parties. Boundless offers you the chance to combine these fragmented systems, relationships and workflows into a single experience.

  • We employ people as independent contractors, and it works fine, how is Boundless different?

    If an individual is giving their full and undivided attention to your company, and they are treated as an independent contractor, you are likely in breach of employment laws both in your country, and theirs.

    Your company could be liable for fines or other legal measures. The individuals you are working with do not receive the benefit of local employment laws and protections that are often afforded to people working full time hours.

    We have written about this in the past:

  • Does Boundless have its own corporate and employment infrastructure?

    Yes. We 100% own the legal entities through which your team is employed, for each country we support. We do not use thrid party entities or services to employ people.

  • How does invoicing and billing work?

    Each pay period, after you make any neccesary adjustments and processing is completed, we issue you with an invoice bill, for one amount, in your home currency. A full breakdown of the payrol cost is available, including our fee of 5%. You pay us, we pay your team in their currency, file and pay their taxes compliantly in their home country.

  • What countries do you currently support?

    Boundless can support you if you have people you wish to compliantly employ in:

    • Australia
    • Denmark
    • Ireland
    • Portugal
    • United Kingdom
  • What countries do you plan on supporting and when will support be available?

    We are currently working on adding support for the following countries (in alphabetic order):

    • Canada - British Colombia
    • Canada - Ontario
    • Estonia
    • France
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Singapore
    • Spain
    • USA - New York
    • USA - California

    Being able to support employment of people in these countries requires us to establish corporate infrastructure and develop systems compatible with local laws, which can take time. We aim to be able to support these countries through 2020.

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