For Employers

We make international employment easy.

Our global employment platform takes care of legal and compliance issues that come with employing people in other countries.

How it works

Employing people through Boundless is quick & simple.

As a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), we take care of remote employment operations so you don't have to.

We do this through using an Employer of Record (EOR) model.

  1. Sign up on the Boundless platform, select which country you want to employ in, and fill out basic employee information.
  2. Sign the three-party employment contract between Boundless, the employee and you.
  3. We take care of the rest: processing payroll, filing and paying taxes, paying salaries, and managing HR compliance.

What is an EOR?

It means that Boundless is the legal employer of the individual, as far as their government, tax, and employment authorities are concerned.

We are responsible for:

  • Ensuring their employment is compliant with local employment laws
  • Processing local payroll
  • Filing employment related taxes and returns
  • Issuing payslips to the employee
  • Distributing salary payments

Why use an EOR?

Be Compliant

Employ your team in a way that benefits them, without the monthly administrative burden.

Access Local knowledge

Local expertise that can help you employ your internationally remote team in a way that's locally compliant.

Avoid Penalties

Governments are starting to enforce compliance laws that carry penalties for employee misclassification.

Scale Your Team, Faster

Take full advantage of being able to hire from a global talent pool. No waiting for you to become compliant on your own.

What about the details?

How we provide compliant international employment

How do I employ someone through Boundless?

Once you start employing through Boundless all you need to do is add employees to supported countries. Boundless takes care of the rest.

How are employees paid?

As the legal employer, Boundless runs the local payroll, issues payslips and files taxes. Regardless of how many employees you co-employ with us, you make one single payment, once a month.

How does the employment agreement work?

You sign a three party employment agreement between Boundless and your employee. The agreement is locally compliant and features all necessary terms.

How are benefits granted to employees?

Employees employed through Boundless are granted all local statutory benefits such as social security, paid vacation, pension contributions, paid maternity/paternity leave, job protection and more. We are continuously working on introducing more benefit options for employees and have stipend solution in place when we still cannot extend a certain benefit.

What happens if there is a problem?

We are always here for you to answer any query relating to local employment law or a payroll issue. You can chat to us either from our website or directly in the product.

How do employment relationships end?

Strict regulations to prevent unlawful terminations of working relationships exist in many countries. We have an established procedure for compliantly ending employment relationships in each country that we support and offer a tailored advice on all aspects you need to consider.

Select the countries you want to employ people in.
Then simply add your existing employees or new hires within the Boundless platform
Boundless takes care of the rest
Entity setup
Local payroll
Local taxes
HR compliance
Contract creation
Employment risk
Cross-border payments
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We are currently active in 17 countries, with more on the way.

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