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Boundless was born from a simple, yet powerful belief: people should have the freedom to shape their work lives without forfeiting their right to secure employment. Our founders had somewhat struggled to deliver on that belief in previous organisations - either for their workers or for themselves.

In 2019, Dee Coakley and Emily Castles decided to solve international employment once and for all. So no employer would ever have to lose sleep over worries of misclassification fines or legal troubles. So no employee would ever have to give up their basic human right to have access to and be protected by the existing social systems. Today, Boundless is defining the standard for exceptional international employment, building the OS for global teams.

For Boundless, compliance is black and white, clear cut and unequivocal, and there is no such thing as minimum viable compliance. We are not in the business of bending grey areas; we are in the business of providing 100% compliance, 100% of the time, with 0% risk. This means that sometimes we end up saying No to countries, regardless of the demand we have for them. 

Our values

Central to everything Boundless does are our five core values:

We serve with integrity and deliver with quality. Our commitment is to full and robust compliance. We are a safe pair of hands that provides accurate and high quality service.
Human Focused.
We value the individual because everyone matters. Happiness means different things to different people and work should support - not conflict with - people's lifestyles.
We bridge the gap across borders and circumstances. Everyone should have access to opportunity and employment rights and the ability to participate in the social safety net.
We believe work should shape to an individual's life, not dictate it. We all have different needs & preferences and the role of compensation & benefits is to remove friction between work & life.
Future Focused.
We want to define, build, lead and be the change. We strive to be an innovation leader and define the Future of Work, rather than merely respond to changes that are already happening.
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