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As you decide to expand your recruitment efforts internationally, understanding the associated employment costs in different countries is key to making informed, strategic decisions.

This guide breaks down employer and employee contributions to social security, statutory benefits, tax deductions, employee net pay, and the total employment cost in 7 key markets across Europe and North America.

In this guide, you'll discover:

  1. A detailed comparison of various salary ranges and total employment costs across each market
  2. A breakdown of costs borne by the employer and the employee for social security and statutory benefits
  3. An overview of tax deductions in each country
  4. The total employment cost for the employer and net pay for the employee

From mandatory employer contributions to nuanced tax implications, this guide is your key to budgeting with precision and foresight. Download now to make data-driven decisions about which countries to expand your talent acquisition to and avoid being surprised by unplanned employer costs.

Download your copy of Employment Costs in 7 Remote Work Hotbeds 2024: 

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