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For global remote working to work, we have to talk about overtime

For while the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote working, not allowing for much time to iron out the details and causing some teething pains along the way, the business world had a big problem with excessive, often unpaid out-of-hours remote working well before Covid. It's time to do something about it.

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Disability provisions for remote workers - what do employers need to know?

When Cat Noone, CEO of accessibility software company Stark, approached Boundless founder Dee Coakley to collaborate on a guide to ‘Disability at Work’ in Ireland, it sparked a broader conversation about the state of employment regulations and supports for disabled people in the age of global, remote-based working. In this post, Dee and Cat discuss […]

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How to successfully onboard remote employees

Last month, we ran the second Boundless online meetup, part of a series of community events to help People Ops professionals. Our guest was Kat Myers, Head of People at Respondent, who talked about successful remote employee onboarding. In this post, we would like to share all of the valuable advice she offered during her […]

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A People Ops Field Guide to Disconnecting

I am writing this from my native home in Italy. I came here from my adopted home in Portugal for two months to visit family and friends and regain a bit of sanity after months of lockdown. In a normal year, at this point of summer, very few people in this part of the world […]

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Five things that helped me become a good remote People Ops Partner

Five years on since I transitioned to People Ops, here is what I have learned about navigating People Ops in remote companies and making sure people are their best at work.

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