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Posted on  Aug 20, 20 by Emily Castles
Introducing the PeopleOps community

When we started Boundless, we wanted to make it easy for companies to employ anyone, anywhere. It's such a short phrase: employ anyone, anywhere. It rolls off the tongue, and like a lot of things in life, it is much easier said than done. While it may be some time before we at Boundless can say that we make it easy to employ people literally anywhere (there are a lot of countries, after all), we have been busy over the past year working on making this a reality.

Today, Boundless can support the compliant employment of workers in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore and the U.K (...and many more to come this year!). What that means is that workers can now access new remote job opportunities, without sacrificing their right to be treated as an employee in their home country, which is often the case when workers are asked to be independent contractors.


Through this process, we've come to realise that our job is not just to make it easy for companies to employ anyone, anywhere, but to also help those who need to solve this problem for their organisations. In the time before Covid-19, those in PeopleOps / HR roles would often spend their time making the work lives of their teammates better.

Under normal circumstances, they would:

  • Be the employment specialists of the territory their company operates in
  • Make sure office working conditions are great: catered lunches, events, game rooms, wellness, other supports, etc.
  • Support face to face interactions and performance-related matters
  • Take the pulse of their teammates by simply sitting in the same room, going for a walk or a coffee

But the kinds of restrictions that Covid-19 has brought on the world means that PeopleOps professionals now have to grapple with things like:

  • Figuring out how to help their company effectively operate under remote work conditions
  • Putting new policies and practices in place to support employees, teams and leaders so they can continue to be communicative, collaborative and productive
  • Fielding requests from employees who want to move home or to another country
  • Researching best practices for preventing burnout in teams
  • Researching and uncovering ways to extend benefits in a remote work context
  • Understanding employment in many different territories (not to mention languages) they may not be familiar with at all
  • Coach and mentor leaders and workers alike on how to be effective in an entirely new context

While talking to new customers over the past few months we have often been asked "have you seen how other companies are doing X" or "what have you heard is the best way to solve Y". It occurred to us that since we have a level of visibility with PeopleOps professionals in growing companies, we should probably think about how we could bring those people together, to help them meet other PeopleOps professionals, share and learn from each other.

The PeopleOps Community

So in May we started organising regular community events, two per month. So far we've run three small, (invite-only) round tables, and two larger, open to all, meetups. Online, of course.

How to be a Great Remote Employer Online Meetup

Participants in this community include COO's, Heads of PeopleOps, HR Managers, Directors of People & Culture (and more generally, anyone with "People" or "HR" in their title), from over 100 companies. Some as small as 10 people, others with thousands of people; from bootstrapped startups, to later-stage unicorns and public tech companies. But regardless of where they are coming from, this is a community interested in one thing: "how can we best support our people?".

Today we are very excited to announce that we are creating a dedicated space for this community to continue to grow, share and learn from each other. PeopleOps.net is primarily a forum for exchanging ideas, knowledge, experience, and networks. It's a place to ask questions of your #PeopleOps peers, to research new approaches to people operations in a changing world, and to hopefully make some new friends along the way.

If your job involves creating better working environments for your teammates, then this is a community for you. If you have been to or registered for one of our community events over the past few months, then you'll shortly be given access to this forum on PeopleOps.net.

While this is a community forum that is open to anyone who works in HR / PeopleOps to join and participate in, the Internet isn't always a friendly place, so for now you'll need to be invited to create an account so that you can view, comment on and create posts. If you'd like to join, please send an email to community@boundlesshq.com, letting us know a little bit about yourself and your work, and we'll invite you in. You can also follow @PeopleOpsNet on Twitter.

As for our regular community events, we'll be announcing them on social, our mailing list and in the PeopleOps.net community forum.

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Written by Emily Castles

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